Regatta Days
There are normally seven regattas over the summer season held monthly basis. (competitions) is a pleasant way to put your Radio Control skills and dexterity to the test. Please register on the day by 9.15am at the club house.

Is to pilot your craft around a set out course, which changes every Regatta, you must navigate into and around the obstacle course. You must complete the course twice - first run, left to right, second run right to left.

The course is set out with flotation markers and changes every Regatta due to the wind.
We run two races over the day each race split in to two fleets. A fleet 900mm hull and over, and B fleet under 900mm hull. Each race is timed to 20 minutes. Laps converted to points.

Fast Electric
Is split into  two categories, Submerged drive and Surface drive. Both to run on 3s lipo battery configuration or under.
Submerged drive - the propeller is under the boat.
Surface drive - the propeller is behind the boat.
Each category races twice over the day around flotation markers set out in a "M" clockwise  course AM, Anti clockwise in the PM race. Each race timed to 5 minutes, Laps converted to points.

I/C = Internal combustion
Is split into two categories.
46s and Unlimited. 46s is up to 0.46mm Methanol engine in a boat with deck and super-structure. No flat racing hulls.
Unlimited is just that anything go's. Each category races twice over the day around flotation markers set out in a "M" configuration. AM clockwise, PM anti clockwise. Each race timed to 15 minutes, Laps converted to points.

At each Regatta points are awarded to the top 6 places in each class.

1st = 8points             2nd = 6points
3rd = 4points            4th = 3points
5th = 2points            6th = 1point

At the end of the season awards are presented to the top 3 positions of each class by the committe at the club's annual dinner.


      Presented by club            chairman   Mr Bill Cottis

  2018 AWARDS
2019 Awards
Presented by Club Chairman
Mr Bill Cottis

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